Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I did over the Holiday and my Studio update

As usual, I was over zealous as to my abilities and the amount of time it takes me to complete one project, much less a dozen like I posted last week,  coupled with a bad case of Bronchitis.  I did manage to get most of my studio organized and was so motivated by the cleanliness of it that I re-covered my desk chair! 

Chair Before:

My chair is a plain old desk chair that I took the arms off!  I hate arms and find them so confining when I am working at the sewing machine.

New and Improved Chair

Check out it matches the sewing machine cover!  I was determined to use fabric I had in my stash and not purchase more (I know, I know, what was I thinking) so I used this stripe that I had left over from the guest room update.

Front View

I had to use this pink animal print as it matched the pink but was not the exact match - you know Nate says never, never matchie matchie!

Also, I finally finished the cover for my serger, here it is:
You can't read the green tag but it says "eat cake" and the other one says "party". I tired to make it look like a present as Dr. P gave it to me last year as a Christmas present.

Hope you like my chair - please leave a comment or check a box to let me know you were here!

Happy SEWing,
Michele P


  1. Oh, Michele, this is fabulous! Bright and fun, just like you.

  2. This is my first day to look at blogs and you have me giggling like a kid over this makeover. I miss you and can't wait to feel better and get my mojo back with your help of course! Your room is really loking shsrp...i absolutely love it

    Tina marie

  3. Love your new chair cover! So bright and cheery. I have been working on my sewing room, too, and the chair is the ugliest part. Maybe I can make a cover for mine - you're inspiring!


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