Thursday, June 16, 2011

Neck Tie T


In one of my recent blog searches I spied a great tutorial on how to make a Neck Tie Necklace by Tip Junkie.  I loved the idea, but chose to add it to a T rather than use it as a necklace.

Here is my version.

This is a Pamela's Pattern T.  I recently took her workshop and really loved the fit of her pattern.  I only had to make a few alterations.  I added a back seam and took up the back neck.

These pictures don't do the up cycled Tie necklace justice.  The T is dark navy blue and the tie is a preppy navy and green. She used a button on her necklace, but I wanted to use a pin so I could change it to suit my mood!  I tacked the tie around the neck in strategic places rather than sewing it down all around the neck so it would stretch over my head.

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

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  1. Really nice, Michele; you're always inspiring.


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