Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Project with an Upcycled Tie

I was so excited to find this UFO in my stash while digging around for some trim!

 I purchased this tie at Goodwill on sale for $.50 and it was in perfect condition.  My initial thought was cut in into strips and use it for binding.  I am so glad that my lack of focus kicked in and I only managed to take it apart.

My second find of the day was this UFO top

This top was only cut out and the darts based.  It must have been kismet as the color of the knit matched precisely the orange in the tie.

The fabric is a tissue weight silk knit. I think I purchased the fabric on a trip to NYC - but cannot swear to that. As I was working on this top, I realized why it was a UFO. Tissue weight silk knit is difficult to work with coupled with my attempt at a French dart rather than a standard bust dart. Crazy I know, but what can I say. I am always trying to flex my sewing muscle. Pin holes show immediately and it WRINKLES like crazy. But, the toil is worth it given the result!

Close up of the tie

One more of the tie

As a bonus I found this hot pink sweater in my closet that I had never worn as it was a closet orphan. Now the closet orphan is no more as it has a new friend in the top. I plan to wear it with jeans or a kaki skirt. And the extra bonus is it fits my new wardrobe criteria.
Let me know what you think.  I LOVE your comments and look forward to checking post to see what you like and if you check a box!

Happy Sewing,
Michele P


  1. Very creative! It looks very nice the top the tie and the sweater. I bought some tissue knit, have never sewn with it before. Sounds like it might be interesting!

  2. Wow! I love this! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Hope you don't mind, I saved a picture of your silk tie top for inspiration. What a clever use for a small amount of fabric!


  4. That tie top looks fabulous. What a great way to rescue some UFO's.

  5. That's beautiful, love it and it lokos great teamed with that little cardi, and the tie was a perfect bargain

  6. I love how the colors from the tie make the shirt pop! Great upcycling!


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