Friday, February 25, 2011

Working on my UFOs

I was somewhat embarrassed and called to task when one of my BFFs, Tina Marie, was over and looked at all of my UFO's and made a few comments about my lack of focus!  In my defense, I usually start a project close to the end of the season and by the time it would be done, it is the next season so no need to compete it as I could not wear it!  I am determined to get all of them completed before I will allow myself to start anything new.  (well, we will see how long that lasts!)

Here is the list of my fall/winter UFOs:

2 Vests
2 Jackets
Many T-Shirts
2 Twin Sets
1 Blouse

Since that enlightening visit, I have completed one vest and one jacket.  Here is the jacket.

Pardon the background - Today is a very cloudy day and I was forced to move Chesty to an area of the studio that had the most light.

The fabric of this jacket is a boiled wool that I purchased many moons ago at Mood Fabrics, NYC.

Back - sorry for the flash on the belt.

Close up of the belt.  I had this buckle in my stash and decided to use it to connect the belt.
Close up of the back collar.  I finished the back neck with a facing and hand sewed (oh yes I did) the entire collar to the jacket.

Again, I had this very small piece of vintage velvet in my stash and thought it would be a great facing for this garment.
Close up of the sleeve.  I used a BWOF pattern with this twisted sleeve.  I like the look, but would not use it again as it was SOOOO much work to construct and to fit into the arm hole.
Close up of the front.  Pardon the interfacing on the small lapel.  It must have flipped back when I shot the pic. 

I wore this jacket yesterday and I loved it.  I has the warmth of a jacket and the comfort of a sweater.  As usual, after I wear a garment for the first time, I have to make a few adjustments.  I need to tack the left lapel and add a snap to the waist where the belt ties.

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

T-Shirt Tuesday

Today's T-shirt is a slight variation of the mommy bib that I showed you a few Tuesdays ago from Easypeasy grandma. 

I had a tank from J-Crew that just never looked  right on,  so I cut it apart and turned it into a mommy bib!

You can see where I cut out the flowers from the tank.
Here it the 'bib'.

After a little trimming, how I will wear it!  Not too bad. 

Check this out.  I hit the mother load of sales this weekend at Target.  I found all these Ts on sale so I will have lots of new projects for T-Shirt Tuesday!

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T-Shirt Tuesday

Welcome to another day of T-Shirt Tuesday.  Today's T-Shirt was inspired by this 3.1 Phillip Lim T that I spied at Neiman Marcus.  I am so fortunate to live in the Northern VA area and have access to all the great museums.  Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom!  I call them my museums because I only look and read at the stores - rarely buy!

This little T was only $185

This is my version.  I must have a T with sleeves so again I went to Target and purchased my fave T.

As you can see the first trim is just plain cording with petersham covering the ends.  I had a pearl belt that I made years ago and never wore, so I cut it to the length I needed and tacked it on.

Close up of the neck

I added this little knot of petersham to the sleeves to give them a little more shape. 

Hope you like my version for only $6.00.  That was the cost of the T, everything else I had in my stash!

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ready for Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I hope you have a great day and eat lots of chocolate!  I know I will. 

I love to wear red and Valentine's day is the perfect day to flaunt it.  This Jacket is a McCall's 5527 pattern that I slightly tweaked.  I used a wool cashmere blend that is like "butar"(butter said with accent) that I purchased in NYC. 

The back with a small belt that I added.

One of the changes I made is to fold the  sleeve ruffle in half. 
I used the lining to the edge technique, but added a bias strip to the neckline after I completed the jacket because I did not like the look of the lining on the edge.  You can see that the lining is loose and just hangs free from the jacket. 

I took a page from a man's jacket and used a silk stripe for the sleeve lining.

I hope you enjoy your day, I know I will Dr. P is going to cook for me.

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Friday, February 11, 2011

Belts Are Back

NMS11_D06DV     NMS11_D06DT  NMS11_D05FW NMS11_D062U
      Streets Ahead Stretch-Back Military BeltNMS11_D06HUOscar de la Renta Three-Layer Perforated Belt

 These are all from Neiman Marcus and range in price from $450 -  $1200.  I LOVE the leather flower ones.  I have some black leather that I have had forever in my stash and will try to copy it only much smaller.  Keep your fingers crossed that it turns out and is not a wader!  I will keep you posted.

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Was Featured on the DIY Showoff

You can't know how excited I was to find out that I was featured on The DIY Showoff!!!!!

The DIY Show Off

Thank you so much to the The DIY Showoff for featuring me!

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

T-Shirt Tuesday

When I saw Sex and the City 2, I fell in LOVE with the T-shirt Carrie wore.  I fell out of love with it when I saw the $650 price tag!  I said to self, self you can be inspired by this and make your version.  And that is exactly what I did.



Not an exact copy, but great for a day at home.  I used word to find a font that was close and printed it on ink jet transfer paper.  Then lowered the neckline of my T and ironed on the font.

I like mine but would still love to have hers!

Sew Happy,
Michele P

Monday, February 7, 2011

Up-Cycle Sweater

Do you have an item or garment in your closet that for some reason you just can't let go of it?  This sweater was one of the garments that I just could not give to Goodwill.  Now I am glad that I kept it!

This vest started out life as a long 'boy friend' sweater. You know the one for the 80s, to the knees and long dropped shoulders.  I was inspired by an Anthropology sweater and remembered this sweater in my overflow closet.

The fiber content is 100% Shetland wool so I knew it would felt.  I washed the sweater and it felted to just a little longer than a vest.  (I wish I had taken a before pic) I then cut the sleeves off and felted them again.  I used the felted sleeves to make the flowers.

I had this 100% cotton fabric in my stash and it is a perfect match!  Just another reason to have an overflowing stash!  Note that the edge is serged; this is how I know that I have pre-washed the fabric.  New fabric only goes into my stash if it is pre-washed and serged otherwise I know it is dry clean only. 

Playing a little to see how the blouse will look.  I am going to cut it out today and will post when complete.

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knitting Needle Case

Case For Interchangeable Circular Needles

After I reigned in my OCD tendency, I finished my needle case.  I purchased a set of interchangeable needles and cords from my fave knit store and love the needles but hated the case.  When you opened the case, all of the needles fell out and the cords were kept in a coil and looked like springs when I attempted to use them.
Case closed with out fasteners

Experimenting with vintage buttons

Case Open

Unfortunately, the coils are not very visible in this picture.  They are at the top under the flower snaps.I used clear plastic to hold the needles rather than fabric so I could see the needle size.

I had this trim in my stash.  I cut the little flowers off the ribbon and added two leaves. 

I am happy with the outcome, but not ecstatic.  I was obsessing about the construction, what closure, what size finished, big band vs little band, plastic for the needles or cloth, and on and on.  Finally I said to self, self just finish it you are not putting this in the 4 H contest and making this for production.  It is just for you so 'get er done'. 

I probably will take it apart at some point and improve the construction when I have nothing else to do!  LOL

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

T-Shirt Tuesday

Welcome to my second post of T-Shirt Tuesday

Sorry this one is a little blurry, I am still playing with flash vs no flash

I know you have seen this one on several blogs.  I saw it on one but cannot remember which one - so here is my version of the might ruffle T.  As usual I purchased two Ts from Target, one that fits and the largest one I could find.  Cut up the large one into 3" strips, gathered the strips, put the T that fit on Chesty and 'played' with the position of the strips until I liked the outcome.

I found these fantastic 'Mommy Bibs' on one of my faves Easy Peasy Grandma.  Check out her blog and the tutorial for these 'bibs'.  I plan to make several.  In my day we would have called these Dickie's.  Do you remember a Dickie?  Let me know if you do and what it looked like!

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

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