Tuesday, February 1, 2011

T-Shirt Tuesday

Welcome to my second post of T-Shirt Tuesday

Sorry this one is a little blurry, I am still playing with flash vs no flash

I know you have seen this one on several blogs.  I saw it on one but cannot remember which one - so here is my version of the might ruffle T.  As usual I purchased two Ts from Target, one that fits and the largest one I could find.  Cut up the large one into 3" strips, gathered the strips, put the T that fit on Chesty and 'played' with the position of the strips until I liked the outcome.

I found these fantastic 'Mommy Bibs' on one of my faves Easy Peasy Grandma.  Check out her blog and the tutorial for these 'bibs'.  I plan to make several.  In my day we would have called these Dickie's.  Do you remember a Dickie?  Let me know if you do and what it looked like!

Happy Sewing,
Michele P


  1. OK, now I really have to tackle embellishing my Chicos sweater. Love how those ruffles look. Yes, little Peter Pan dickies were under my crew neck sweater in HS.


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