Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T Shirt Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before I start my post, I have to say thank you to the big guy upstairs for no damage during the earth-quake we had today around 2PM.  Yes, an earth-quake on the east coast.  The news is saying that it was a 5.9 and the epicenter was near Richmond.  I hope my Richmond friends made out ok like we did.

Now to the post.  Today's T was inspired by this top.  Unfortunately, I do not know who designed it.  When I find garments I want to make on web sites, I print them and put them in my design idea book.  Now that I know about getting 'pined' I think I will start pinning them.

Inspiration Top

I am pleased that it turned out close to the inspiration top.  I used my go to T from Target with sleeves.  I purchased one 2 sized larger than what I usually wear so I would be able to ruche the sides and center front.

Close up of the front with sides pinned

I started by ruching the front:

I did not think it was 'gathered' enough so added some clear elastic that I stretched to its max

Next, cut 2 1/2 wide strips

Cut strips into approx. 6" lengths, fold in half, gather ends

Tack along neck and front

Take in sides and gather like front and you are done!  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezie!

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Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweater Blank

What  Chesty is wearing today.

Again today I am working on an UFO from last year - well if the truth be told, it is a really really old UFO as far as the fabric goes.

Many years ago, my local chapter of the American Sewing Guild took a trip to Philadelphia to shop.  We tried to buy out JoMar, all the shops on 4th street, and a unique place that sold something called a sweater blank.  I can't remember the name just now, but it may come to me.  I am fairly sure that they are no longer in business. 

What is a sweater blank you ask?  Well, it is four pieces of a large sweater knit  that has the ribbing incorporated in the fabric (just like a purchased sweater) and a piece of ribbing for the neck.  They are really fast to construct, so the gal at the store told us,  so I purchased MANY.  Again, what was I thinking? 

Over time I have given most of them away, with the exception of this one.

The 'blank' is the beige / white stripe fabric.  I made the trim out of my two of my faves -beige and medium brown petersham.  I stitched them together then added the animal print trim in the middle of the two.

Close up of the trim

I added a plain Target Tank under it with the same animal print trim on the neck.  The neck grew a little after I added the trim, so I just made a small pleat in the middle and really like how it changed the look of the T.

I plan to close the sweater with this large brass snap that I purchased on a NYC trip!

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Michele P

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fabric Stash Machinations

Definition:   a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end <backstage machinations … that have dominated the film industry — Peter Bogdanovich>

I truly believe that my fabric stash and my patterns created a fabric machination over the weekend. I think it happened because I insulted them by purchasing, washing and making up a top in the same day. I did not let the fabric 'marinate' in my stash. It truly was a crime against the stash and I was paid back by creating a 2 day wadder. (Question - is it wadder with 2 D's or wader with 1 d?) Probably if not factually it should be 2 D's as this wadder was / is deserved of a 2D wadder!

I attempted to make Vogue 1087 into a top.


Really - What was I thinking?

Boo Hoo -  here it is.  Love the color and fabric - hate that I wasted 2 days on it!

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Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

T Shirt Tuesday August 16, 2011

My BFF Deb (aka Lady Fairfax) and I try to get together every Friday for what we call our Friday Frolic. Sometimes we sew, knit, craft, sometimes we luncheon and catch a movie, and other times we go inspiration shopping at our fav place Neimans.

Today's T Shirt was not inspired by Kate Spade (surprise) but was inspired by Elie Tahari on one of our frolic shopping escapades. Tahari never disappoints. He continues to push the edge of embellishment yet keeps his designs feminine and wearable.

This T really does look much better on me than on Chesty

I was so captivated by the braided tube trim that I tried it myself. The challenge was to create tubes that were thin yet firm. I am working on a detailed tutorial that I plan to post soon.

This particular braid takes three tubes. Another thing I discovered is that the tubes you make are never long enough! It takes about 5x the neck opening to make one tube.

I used this fantastic book to find a braid that looked similar to the Tahari origional.

I was thrilled to finally use it as I purchased it many moons ago at a sewing expo. It has been aging in my book stash and was glad to see the light of day!

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Happy Sewing,
Michele P

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

T Shirt Tuesday

Today's T Shirt Tuesday is one that was again inspired by Kate Spade.

I used my favorite T, the Morena brand from Target.  The  flower petals are individually cut and sewn two or three layers on top of each other, then curled on the end.

Here is a quick tutorial of how to make the centers:

1.  Cut a strip of fabric a fat 1/4 inch.

2. Pull the strip to make it curl.  Some fabrics curl more than others so you will get a different look with each type.

 3.  Tie knots in the strip about 2 inches apart.

4.  Put the strip on a pin with the knots on top.

5.  Sew the strip together between the knots and tie off.

6. Cut the strip close to the thread and you have the center of the flower ready to put on the flower.

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Sew Happy,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Middle Aged Texting Codes

I found this post and really laughed out loud!  I thought it was too good not to share, especially for those of us that are not quite of the texting age:

So, you know those abbreviations you use when texting
{like BFF - "best friends forever"}?

ATD -at the doctor.
BFF -best friend fell.
FWIW -forgot where I was.
GGPBL -gotta go, pacemaker battery low.
GHA -got heartburn again.
IMHO -is my hearing aid on?
LMDO -laughing my dentures out.
OMMR -on my massage recliner.
ROFLACGU -rolling on floor laughing and can't get up.
TTYL -talk to you louder!
I found this post at Faith, Trust & a little Pixy Dust.
LOVE IT.  Leave me a comment or click a box to let me know you were here.
Happy Sewing
Michele P 
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