Tuesday, August 16, 2011

T Shirt Tuesday August 16, 2011

My BFF Deb (aka Lady Fairfax) and I try to get together every Friday for what we call our Friday Frolic. Sometimes we sew, knit, craft, sometimes we luncheon and catch a movie, and other times we go inspiration shopping at our fav place Neimans.

Today's T Shirt was not inspired by Kate Spade (surprise) but was inspired by Elie Tahari on one of our frolic shopping escapades. Tahari never disappoints. He continues to push the edge of embellishment yet keeps his designs feminine and wearable.

This T really does look much better on me than on Chesty

I was so captivated by the braided tube trim that I tried it myself. The challenge was to create tubes that were thin yet firm. I am working on a detailed tutorial that I plan to post soon.

This particular braid takes three tubes. Another thing I discovered is that the tubes you make are never long enough! It takes about 5x the neck opening to make one tube.

I used this fantastic book to find a braid that looked similar to the Tahari origional.

I was thrilled to finally use it as I purchased it many moons ago at a sewing expo. It has been aging in my book stash and was glad to see the light of day!

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Happy Sewing,
Michele P


  1. Can't wait for your tutorial, I'd really like the shirt.

  2. Love the braid and how neat, you have a book on them! Hope your tutorial comes out soon.

  3. First of all, I wish I had a friend like yours, to do fun things with on Fridays. The tube trim looks very cool.

  4. I really like the interest the braid adds to the shirt.


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