Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweater Blank

What  Chesty is wearing today.

Again today I am working on an UFO from last year - well if the truth be told, it is a really really old UFO as far as the fabric goes.

Many years ago, my local chapter of the American Sewing Guild took a trip to Philadelphia to shop.  We tried to buy out JoMar, all the shops on 4th street, and a unique place that sold something called a sweater blank.  I can't remember the name just now, but it may come to me.  I am fairly sure that they are no longer in business. 

What is a sweater blank you ask?  Well, it is four pieces of a large sweater knit  that has the ribbing incorporated in the fabric (just like a purchased sweater) and a piece of ribbing for the neck.  They are really fast to construct, so the gal at the store told us,  so I purchased MANY.  Again, what was I thinking? 

Over time I have given most of them away, with the exception of this one.

The 'blank' is the beige / white stripe fabric.  I made the trim out of my two of my faves -beige and medium brown petersham.  I stitched them together then added the animal print trim in the middle of the two.

Close up of the trim

I added a plain Target Tank under it with the same animal print trim on the neck.  The neck grew a little after I added the trim, so I just made a small pleat in the middle and really like how it changed the look of the T.

I plan to close the sweater with this large brass snap that I purchased on a NYC trip!

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Happy Sewing,
Michele P


  1. Inspiring as always, Michele. Love the animal print trim!

  2. OOOh, that trim! And you mean we are supposed to sew those sweater blank pieces together? LOL. This sweater is fantastic. Now I have to steal this wonderful petersham idea.


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