Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anthro - Leaf Filigree Top

I have been inspired yet again by an Anthropologie top.  This time it is the Leaf Filigree Top.  I was intrigued by the lace with embroidery overlay and decided to use it as a jumping off point for my next creation.
Anthropologie Leaf Filigree Tank

            Here is my rendition:

I struggled with the lace option.  Should I cut out the background fabric leaving it sheer or keep the fabric.  As you can see I choose to leave the background fabric.  I decided that it would be to much trouble to cover up the ole bra straps. 

The base fabric is a rayon knit and the flowers are a fine cotton print.

I have had the rayon knit forever and loved it so much that I was afraid to cut into it!  After all I only had 5 yards of it and what if I made a mistake?  I know you understand how I felt.

The cotton floral print is rather new.  The problem was that it did not completely match the knit.  What to do?  Then I remembered that I had won these Pentel Arts fabric markers at an ASG event.


This is a flower from the cotton print - you can see that it does not not have the purple and gold color of the knit so I used the crayons to fill in some of the white space of the print - now it coordinates with the knit.

Next issue, how to overlay and apply the lace?  I decided to use a piece of heavy silk organza under the lace and then overlay it on  the knit. This technique worked great - giving the lace the body it needed to support the applique.

Close up of the flower applique

Although it is difficult to see, I used two white threads in the needle when I appliqued the flowers on the bodice.

I plan to make a little shrug of the knit to cover up my granny bat wing arms.  I really don't like to expose the public to those things unless really provoked!

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Happy Sewing,
Michele P


  1. What a GREAT job you did! This is very neat!

  2. So YOU!!! Love it!


  3. Love your inventiveness and playfulness combined with experience and knowhowitness. I am a fan.

  4. That is so clever and pretty. I love your fabric combinations

  5. ok I had to come back and take another look. This has reallllly got me thinking!

  6. Wow!! I like the lace overlay a lot! And that is so cool you colored on your fabric to make it coordinate!

  7. I love your version. It has so much more color interest and depth than the inspiration garment, which reminds me of the inexpensive cotton dresses that are made in Mexico and sold in beach side shops. I actually thought the flowers were part of the print and thought to myself "where did she get that gorgeous border print?"


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