Friday, July 8, 2011

Pattern Magic Design - Book 1

Pattern Magic

Dr. P gave me this book for Christmas last year and I have several of the designs on my very long to-do list. Given that Dr. P and I have become old folks and don't want to go out in the heat - I used that excuse over the 4th of July holiday and  made one! I am really pleased and quite surprised that I was able to figure out how to make the pattern. Even though my copy was translated into English, it is still very sketchy on instructions.

Tada:  My finished Top

With a little sweater that just happened to match! yeah

This is how the pattern looks after I made all the adjustments

I am sorry that this one is blurry - but I wanted to show you the technique I used to make the waist and center back darts.  This is one of my standard sewing machine designs.  I saw this used on several Tahari tops and loved how it added just that little extra something.
Size zipper on its side! 

Note the binding on the arm hole - I used Louise Cutting's technique to bind them.

The fabric for the top is 100% linen purchased from G-Street.  I added a side zipper so that I could make the waist more fitted. I really really like this top and I am planning on making it up in a silk charmeuse and a medium weight knit.

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Happy Sewing,
Michele P 


  1. Cute and the sweater is just perfect with it!

  2. I love it, Michele. You do such nice work, and the little sweater is a perfect complement.

  3. Cute Michele I love it!!


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