Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter

I went a little crazy for Easter and made several decorations.  This particular one is very special to me as the little bubble was worn by my kiddo for her first Easter.  She was terrified of the bunny but look so cute in her outfit.

                            Here she is in all her glory. 

                       She carries a backpack of flowers.

                                  Close up of the smocking.

                                The two smocked eggs she holds.

                                  She loves the little Robin's nests.

Happy Easter and Happy Sewing,
Michele P


  1. Your smocking is beautiful! My mother-in-law has made many smocked dresses for my three daughters over the years and they are treasures. Happy Easter.

  2. Your bunny is great. How does the dog relate to her? Love the eggs. Happy Easter Michele!

  3. Clicked over from DIY to see more of your adorable bunny. I have always loved smocking but never learned to do it. It's so timeless and classic. Do you make the little eggs for sale? I would love to buy some!! Happy Easter ~

  4. Hi there and happy Easter. Your bunny looks adorable. You are sotalented. I'm your newest follower. cheers

  5. You are amazing, that must have taken hours to create...


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