Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY French Lamp

I have been wanting new lamps for our family room since I gave  kiddo our old ones.  I put out our even older ones just as a place holder until I found what I wanted.  Well. . .   3 years later, and one Faux Retirement later I still have no new lamps!  The only ones I find that I like are $300 or more.  I just can't bring myself to spend that much and Dr. P really won't!  So - I decided to make one.

On the Kitchen table to provide a better picture

This is where it actually sits in the Family Room

I found this Eiffel Tower base at Target and had to have it!  I do love the way Target identifies their bases by size so that you know exactly what size shade works with the base.  I can't tell you how many shades I have drug home only to return them because they were not the right size for the lamp.  Anyway, this is a medium size base so I needed a medium shade.

This is what it looked like when I brought it home.

I silk screened this vintage French postcard design on a large piece of silk / cotton fabric and then applied it to the shade and finished it off with brown petersham.

I think it is only appropriate that one of the books I used to raise the lamp is the Chanel

I am happy to report that this project was a success.  My barometer to determine the success of the project is sometimes Dr. P's reaction. Therefore when Dr. P came home from work the day I completed it, he had a little mad fit thinking I had purchased it from a little boutique that I had dragged him to a few weeks before and the price of a similar one was $450.  He was soooooooooo happy when he found out I had DIYed it.  And I didn't even get mad at him for his fit!

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Happy Sewing
Michele P


  1. What a great lampshade. I can see why Dr P. thought it was a designer lamp.

  2. Your lamp and shade are perfection. I am so glad you linked it up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful and I just wanted you to know I featured it tonight.

  3. Beautiful lamp shade! I don't know the first thing about screen printing, but it sounds like I've got something new to learn on my list!


  4. As always, you rock Michelle!! I will see you at the January couture meeting, I can't make it to the December gathering.


  5. Tres chic! OK that's enough of my faux french. It looks fabulous in any language.


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