Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Christmas Wreath

I have not been sewing much lately as I have been obsessed with Pinterest and all of the crafts I see there.  I really need to quit looking at it, but I just can't!  After seeing all of the beautiful Holiday decorations I decided to make all new ones for our house this year!  After MANY trips to Michael's, Target, and AC More I have two things made! 

Here is my first - A new wreath for our Front Door

Not my best photographic work, but I hope you can see it ok. 

Another shot of the wreath.  This one is on the door to my studio - so the angle is kind of strange!  I will try to take one on my actual front door - but it has been raining so much that I have not been able to get outside and take a shot.

Now I am going to try something new:  I have been wanting to do a blog hop for quite a while - so here goes!  All I ask is that you post something you made and if you are not a follower of my blog, please become one.


  1. The wreath is so pretty! I love the ornaments you chose to decorate it with. I hope the blog hop goes well.

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for inviting me to your link party! Glad you like my little Parisian Project!
    Your wreath looks soo sweet! I just love Pinterest! I just can't stop looking at creative DIY ideas there!...
    Nice to meet you :) I'm now a follower :)


  3. I love how whimsy your wreath is! Love your blog and I am your newest follower! xo

  4. Beautiful wreath! I am a new follower; your blog is awesome. :)


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