Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What to wear to NYC??

Our ASG chapter sponsored a trip to NYC garment district last Saturday.  I have been in a tizzy trying to decide what to make and wear.  I imposed several conditions on the garment:

1. Must be fabric in my stash

2. If possible, fabric I purchase in NYC on a previous trip

3. Comfortable and breathable

4. Fashionable and have an element that I spied while inspiration shopping

5. Flattering ( always a challenge)

I managed to meet most of my criteria with the exception of #2.  This first jacket I started was from NYC fabric, but turned out to be too HOT!  You know women of a certain age must be concerned with temperature and fiber content! That jacket will be a fall project and will be showcased in a later post.

This is what I came up with and must say I was quite pleased.
(1) The fabric came from a little store in Harrisonburg, VA. 
(3) Fiber content is Rayon so it is light and breathable. 
(4) I used the back bow treatment that we spied on many jackets. ( 5) Well, that one I will leave up to you.

Front of Jacket

Back With Bow

Showing how the tie goes through an opening in the princess seam

You know I must add a little suzh to the back neck

Sleeve detail

Showing how the front is cut in one big square to create the drape

These are the beads I used on the sleeves and neck - I did purchase them in NYC on a previous trip.

I struggled with the sleeve treatment and  the belt.  After several failures, I came up with  the idea of taking some faux leather (a gift from Deb) and cutting  a 1 1/2 inch wide strip of fabric and put in on the leather, then folded the leather over the fabric and topstitched three times to create a belt that had substance yet was flexable and comfortable.  Also, a note that the fabric is two sided making the front drape more interesting.

I am so pleased with this top that I plan to make another in linnen for the dog days of summer.

Hope you like it, if you do please leave a comment or check a box on the comment section.

Sew Happy,.
Michele P


  1. I think you get 5 stars for every category! I hope to see it ion you in person soon

  2. Sorry, comment was from tina marie !,,,, still in bed on drugs so forgot about the anonymous thingie. Lol


  3. Love, love, love your jacket!


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