Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slip Cover Totes

I had an A-Ha moment as I was reading my good friend Julie's award winning blog From These Hands, that I too have been making mostly craft projects rather than major sewing projects.  I suppose that I needed projects that are quick to completed during the crazy Christmas season.  Now that the holidays are over and things seem to be calming down, I plan on completing my numerous UFOs and work on my "spring 2011" line!

I call these slip cover totes because the process feels like a slipcover. I have made many of these for myself and as girlfriend gifts.  This is the first one I made.

The major challenge in making a slip cover tote is finding the tote.  When I find a style I like I purchase all they have.  
Close up of the embroidery

I made this "logo" by stacking black linen, embroidery, then two trims stacked.

This is the latest Slip Cover Tote

Again, I made the "logo" by stacking two colors of linen (yellow and pink) then the green w/pink embroidery and topping off with purchased trim. Add the tassel trim, flowers, and purchased handle and you are almost done.

Lastly, I added a little tag just to shuze it up.  This wording was on the selvage edge of the pink animal print fabric and I think it was the name of the fabric print.  So appropos.

Have fun with it!
Michele P

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