Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweat Shirts Funky Style

I am not a true fan of the embroidered sweat shirt except for the ones that are of the funky genre.  I don't usually (note I say usually - because I have been known to run to the grocery store and sewing retreats) wear them out of the house.


I purchased these snowmen and women designs from an online site when I first got my embroidery machine.  I think I was under my typical misguided assumption that if I did not purchase EVERY design I liked immediately - there would be no more!  So that is essentially what I did!  These few are just a sampling of my many snow people!


This jacket was easy to put together.  The time consuming part is the embroidery.  To construct, simply cut down the front, add a zipper, some bling, and you have a funky jacket.
Michele P

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