Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Viva says Happy St. Pat's day - and if you don't give me a treat I will zap you with my laser eyes!

In the spirit of the day, here is my green.  I am so happy to have finished yet another UFO!

This fabric is supposedly Chanel and I have had it in my stash for probably 10 years.  I started this vest last year, and as par usual for me, by the time it was almost completed it was summer and too hot to wear.  I kept with the raw edge theme of last spring and the bow is detachable.

These buttons are hand made by a gal in GA.  I purchased them at an Expo several years and they were the impetus for the blue T underneath.

I love to add a little something to the back, hence the tiny bow and waist band.

Close up of the back.  I like a vest that is cut in a razor back style.  I believe it to be more flattering on narrow shoulders than the standard back.

Shown with large flower in place of the bow.
This is a better representation of the true color of the fabric.

Happy Sewing,
Michele P

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