Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick Holiday Gifts

Over the next week I will be showing you 10 quick gifts to make for holiday giving.  These were given as gifts for girlfriends, hostesses, and teachers; just to name a few.

These are what I call gratitude boxes

 I purchased the box from Michael's in the $1 bin.  First I covered the top with pretty paper, then added decorations that I thought were appropriate for the recipient.  This is a box I gave to a sewing girlfriend.  As you can see there is a vintage spool of thread, bird and the little tag (came from the scrapbooking section of AC Moore) that says "girls just wanna to have fun!".

Before you give the box, have friends, family, students, etc, write on a piece of paper something the like, love, admire and so on about the person.  Place all of these  pieces of paper in the box and wallah you have a priceless gift that will keep on giving for years to come. 

I was given one of these, and when I need a little spiritual lift, I read what my friends said about me and I instantly feel better!

Happy gift giving,
Michele P

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